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Radio Verdad alleged tests

Strana situazione annunciata già da qualche settimana, nessuno è però ancora riuscito ad ascoltare questi presunti test:

Our test transmissions for Radio Verdad are on the same frequency 4055 KHz. However, in some countries the frequency may vary a Little (one or two points). If a country is close to Guatemala, the frequency may vary a Little bit, in order not to bother our master signal.
We are not using any transmitters, but only computers, which inject the signal into many short wave antenas. They are attempting to maintan the same frequency 4,055 KHz., as far as it is posible. It is a completely new technology on trial. A group of European, US and one Mexican Engineers are working on it. It is a scientific experiment in order to rescue short wave. I myself do not fully comprehend the system. The whole transmission system is being controlled by satelite, and also the power injected into all short wave antennas in the whole world.
I have paid different ammounts of money for the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, Russia, China, Japan, Mexico, South America and the Caribean Islas. I hope everything comes out alright, as it is a scientific experiment.
The Schedule is the same as regular Radio Verdad, beginning by 10:00 UTC up to 06:05 UTC. This set of tests, will last only this weeks. This week transmissions are being sent from Guatemala City, but, depending on the results, we´ll start permanent transmissions from Chiquimula.

I will appreciate any reports about the quality and strength of the signal.

May God be with you (Dr. Édgar Amílcar Madrid, Radio Verdad & Radio Verdad TV, Feb 3, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

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