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Il ritorno di Radio Rebelde che scontenta un po’…, il Brasile e tante pirate. Log di Dave Valko

tarjeta-qsl-radio-rebeldeLa delusione per il ritorno di Radio Rebelde su 5025 kHz (che seppellisce la più esotica Radio Quillabamba) ed una carrellata di ascolti di stazioni pirate europee, con l’aggiunta di un po’ di Brasile sulle bande di 60, 31 e 25 metri . E’ quanto propone l’esperto DXer statunitense Dave Valko di Dunlo in Pennsylvania. Da segnalare la consueta dovizia di particolari con la quale descrive, sia dal punto di visto tecnico che dei contenuti, ogni suo ascolto. Sia che trattasi di un bel DX o di una broadcasting internazionale.

11895.08 BRAZIL Super R. Boa Vontade 0947 found here w/PT tlk by soft-spoken M. Mixing w/some orch. mx after 0955. Into another tlk by diff. very soft-spoken M mixed w/soft mx, sounding almost like a short story. Then another diff. M took over. Never did get an ID anmnt but it was definitely // to the webstream which was 25 seconds behind live audio here. Looked like the signal drifted back and forth about 4 or 5 hz. Couldn’t tell if it was //9550.05 as there wasn’t enough audio on that freq. There was another signal on 11895 which I presume was CRI going off at 1000 leaving a slightly weaker signal which I presume was BBC Thailand. (Valko 11 Nov.)

6169.99 NORTH KOREA V.O. Korea OC at 1028, then IS/ID by M and W routine at 1030, and usual opening w/orch. at 1031. (Valko 11 Nov.)

11 November 2016 Micro-DXpedition:
RX: Perseus SDR
ANT: 313′ Beverage (BOG) aimed at 175°.
Solar Indices: Solar Flux =78 A Index =17 K Index =2 G1 storms. B1 background X-Ray flux.

5025 CUBA R. Rebelde Disappointed to find it on at 2020 w/studio M anncr briefly and into poss. Baseball game. Didn’t stick with it of course. (Valko 11 Nov.)

15475.97 ANTARCTICA R. Nac. Arcangel San Gabriel/LRA36 (tent.) Getting a carrier here at 2030. Despite reception being dead quiet, I never could confirm audio. Seemed pretty close though. With good conditions, I think it’ll make it. It went off at 2101:31. (Valko 11 Nov.)

1710 USA KID-761, Bedford, PA (Flight 93 crash site memorial TIS) 2028 usual info loop tape w/IDs. Massive signal since the BOG was aimed pretty much right at the xmtr/ant. Still not in the FCC database. (Valko 11 Nov.)

4885.02 BRAZIL R. Clube do Para Signal here at 2040. (On an earlier recording at 2022, it looked like the signal was already jumping up out of the noise floor at times). W at 2116 recheck, then some mx. 2118 M in PT on very quick peak. Easy 100% copy by 2222. (Valko 11 Nov.)

4835 AUSTRALIA ABC Local R. (Alice Spring) Altready getting audio at 2020. Mx pgm w/M and W host. Taking phone call at 2044. Still getting the lady anncr at 2117. CODAR always ruins this. (Valko 11 Nov.)

11735 ZANZIBAR ZBC Staying on late today w/AR mx. Canned “Spice FM” IDs by M at 2106:50, 2107:20, 2110:05.over mx. 2111 live W anncr between songs, then went off at 2111:33. One of the latest times I’ve seen it stay on. Getting slop QRM from S9+40 11775 Anguilla who has having overmodulation trouble. (Valko 11 Nov.)

7459.88 MONGOLIA R. Free Asia (relay) 2132 signal w/M anncr at 2134. 2136 mx. A little more mx at 2142. W anncr at 2152, M joined in at 2153, and instru. mx at 2155. Apparently jammed so couldn’t confirm the lang was Korean. VOA Philippines OC came on at 2155:27 totally blocking it and creating a nasty het. RFA went off at 2159:40. Didn’t hear any jamming once RFA went off. (Valko 11 Nov.)

10000 BRAZIL PPE time signal stn 2145 M w/”Observatorio Nacional…” and time w/seconds every 10 seconds w/pip. Fair signal mixing w/stronger WWV. (Valko 11 Nov.)

7570 NORTH KOREA V.O. Korea Long tlk by M in EG at 2152-2201+, but couldn’t get much than a few words. The JP bdcst above on 7580 was much better. (Valko 11 Nov.)

3325 Just a weak signal here at 2212. No doubt RRI Palangkaraya long path. Too weak for audio. Was pretty much gone 40 min. later. (Valko 11 Nov.)

4845 BRAZIL R. Cultura 2222 lively M anncr, ZY Pop mx, then M and W voice-over briefly at 2224. 2226 “Volare”. W anncr briefly, then canned ID w/freqs at 2229. Audio not all that strong. And fast QSB. (Valko 11 Nov.)

7530 TAIWAN Suab Xaa Moo Zoo (relay) 2232-2236 soft instru. mx, then long tlk in apparent Hmong by M. Just missed sign on. (Valko 11 Nov.)

13 November 2016 Micro-DXpedition:
RX: Perseus SDR
ANT: 313′ Beverage (BOG) aimed at 60°.
Solar Indices: Solar Flux =79 A Index =19 K Index =4 No storms. A8 background X-Ray flux.

4028.98 PIRATE (EUROPE) LHH 0645 Dance mx. 0650, and 9654 live M anncr, Better after 0700 w/song anmnt and ID at 0707. Weak and fady. (Valko 13 Nov.)

6210.28 King Shortwave?? Signal here at 0719 but not strong enough. Finally seemed strong enough at 0755 but no audio noted. Irish Paul had it on 6210, but this was almost on 6210.3. (Valko 13 Nov.)

1710 USA WQFG689, Jersey City, NJ (TIS) W tlk abt flu shots, M tlk abt the Zika Virus, how to prevent it, etc., and ID at 0732 “WQFG689, owned and operated by Hudson Co, NJ”. 242.95 miles distant. (Valko 13 Nov.)

6279.94 UNID. Carrier came on the air here at 0721:46. Same strength as 6210.28. Went off at 0747:14, but came back on at 0751:23 and was definitely getting mx. Audio just at threshold w/mx at 0754 and 0756. Very short peak w/mx at 0759:30 just seconds before SSB traffic started. Went off at 0803:45, because of the SSB traffic?? (see 6283.94 below) (Valko 13 Nov.)

6214.97 PIRATE (EUROPE) R. Uferlos Signal looked like it was already on here at 0658. SSB traffic QRM after 0723. Definite mx mixing w/SSB xmsns peaking at 0739:45 w/mx that I couldn’t recog. 0748:20 “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins peaking at 0751 again. Still getting wisps of mx at 0816 return, but the SSB traffic was still going. Tnx Irish Pauls blog for ID. (Valko 13 Nov.)

6305.09 PIRATE (EUROPE) R. Merlin Int. Nothing there at 0701 but was found when came back at 0716. Audio right at threshold. Definitely mx at 0737, 0748. Really annoying intermittent UTE data xmsns after 0740. Sounded like a jingle at 0755. More anmnts at 0757. Impossibly weak. Still there at 0823. Tnx Irish Pauls blog or I’d never have found this. (Valko 13 Nov.)

6070 GERMANY Super Clan R. (via Channel 292, Rohrbach) Usual “Word of Deliverance” pgm, then “Strangers in the Night” by Sinatra. Canned ID for Super Clan at pgm start 0800, and immediately into “White Room” by Cream. 0803 nice live ID by M w/IDs and freq, 10000 watts of power, DJs name, and date, and next song. 0807 jingle w/ID by W, “Who’ll Stop the Rain” by CCR. 0809 live M DJ again w/song anmnt, ID, ment of Netherlands being a rainy country. More of the same. Fair signal w/CFRX QRM. (Valko 13 Nov.)

6283.94 UNID. Signal on at 0803:54 obviously the same stn that was on 6279.94 10 seconds earlier. No doubt changed freq to avoid the SSB traffic. Mx at 0805. Peak at 0806:00. At 0815:42, it changed freq again to 6284.94. (see below) (Valko 13 Nov.)

6284.94 UNID. R. Twentana?? Changed from from 6283.94 to this one at 0815:42. Was almost instantaneous this time. Still there by 0823 t/out but couldn’t get any audio as it was fading. Ihor in his Lviv_DX blog reported Twentana at 0835. So probably them. (Valko 13 Nov.)

6005 GERMANY R. Mi Amigo (via Kall) (pres.) Pop and Rock mx after 0753 w/M anncr in what sounded like GM between songs. 0756 “Fly Robin Fly” by The Silver Convention. 0808 “Broken Wings” by Mr. Mister. Too much slop QRM to ID. (Valko 13 Nov.)

6150 GERMANY Europe 24 (via Datteln) (pres.) No signal noted at 0701, but was showing up at 0715 very weakly. Gradually getting better w/Pop and Rock mx. Long tlk by M in GM at 0747. “Sister Golden Hair” by America at 0758. 0800 touch tone phone SFX and M w/few words (ID??), M anmnt w/ment of studio and pres. nx, then back to mx at 0802. Just too weak and too much slop QRM from CKZN. (Valko 13 Nov.)

5025 AUSTRALIA ABC (Katherine) Found w/vcl song at 0825 under Rebelde and //4910. W anncr at 0827. 4910 went off at 0829:02 but 5025 stayed on. 0830 fanfare and W w/ABC nx. Most audible in LSB w/Rebeldes carrier notched. Laptop shut off just seconds before end of the nx. When I came back, it was gone, so must’ve changed freqs. (Valko 13 Nov.)

6045 GERMANY Hit AM (via Nauen) Pop mx pgm from 0902 t/in w/M anncr in GM at 0904. M anncr DJ between songs. Finally an EG contact info anmnt at 0920:50 “…until this year and if you want to get in touch with Hit AM, you can write at our e-mail. Our mail address is…”. Fair signal but a lot of slop QRM from 6030 Marti and jammer. (Valko 13 Nov.)

9550.03 BRAZIL Super R. Boa Vontade 0907 ZY Pop-like mx. 0909 W anncr DJ in PT. 0910 short ID/promo, then nice full ID w/freqs and ending w/ID at 0910:50. Another canned anmnt by M at 0911, poss. TC, then live W DJ returned. Found a signal on 11895.12 at 0933 w/China on 11895. Couldn’t get any audio. (Valko 13 Nov.)


Dave Valko
Dunlo, PA, USA

Perseus SDR with 153 foot Delta Loop and Wellbrook ALA1530S at home

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